These Boxes...

....are designed to look like city street signs. I sure hope they come across that way.


This not only my first design for a contest at, but it's my first ever submission. I hope you enjoy it!

Longer Heading to see how this is handled

This is just a test to make sure that the news items are found and displayed correctly.

Here's H1 for you

This is my first ever submission to I've been wanting to make a template for a long time & I figured, what better time than during a contest. Anyhow, feel free to use it as you wish. No need for leaving any trace of me on it, just email me at bbaker[at]bakercad[dot]com & let me know the URL please.

This template has been tested on Firefox, IE6 and Opera 8.51. It is valid XHTML & CSS

And for you in the blue's H2

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Lets get a list in here.....

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Here's a blockquote for you. You can put whatever you want to stand out from the main content in here.

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And H3, for the young lady in the back.

...Sorry for all the lorem ipsum textfolks...

This pull quote code can be found at Mandarin Design. Has a lot of great CSS tips with cut/pasteable code.

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